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The goal of Ducal Income Fund is to achieve income and long-term capital growth. The fund seeks to achieve its objective through a global allocation to debt (emerging markets included). Debt securities may include investment grade as well as non-investment grade and unrated debt.

The fund will mainly invest in fixed and floating investment grade and non-investment grade bonds without sectoral, rating or geographical constraints. The fund may invest up to 33% of its net assets in non-investment grade bonds. However the fund does not invest in securities rated CCC+ or below by S&P (or equivalent). The average rating of the fund will never be below BBB+. 

The fund is managed in an active and flexible manner compared to the benchmark on the basis of quantitative and qualitative analyses of the world economy and financial markets, especially interest rate markets and central banks policies. The fund may temporarily keep 100% of its assets in liquidities. It can invest directly in money market instruments or indirectly through a fund or it can have current or savings accounts in different currencies.