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The goal of Ducal Global Allocation Fund is to increase the capital invested in the long term, by aiming to attain a return that is higher than the benchmark Euribor 1 year +2%, while limiting the volatility of the Fund.

Ducal Global Allocation Fund is a diversified portfolio that directly or indirectly invests globally in a wide range assets, among which stocks, corporate bonds, government bonds and this without any geographical or sectoral limit.

The Fund is managed in a flexible manner concerning tactical asset allocation (classes). The Fund is actively managed on the basis of quantitative and qualitative analyses of the world economy, of economic sectors, companies and the evolution of commodity markets and financial markets. Long and short positions can be used to diversify and expose the portfolio to certain markets and asset classes. The Fund may temporarily keep 100% of its assets in liquidities. The Fund can invest directly in money market instruments or indirectly through a fund or it can have current or savings accounts in different currencies, within the limits of the diversification of risk.